<signatures> (signatures) contains discussion of the leaf or quire signatures found within a codex or similar object. [10.3.7. Catchwords, Signatures, Secundo Folio]
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<signatures>Quire and leaf signatures in letters, [b]-v, and roman
numerals; those in quires 10 (1) and 17 (s) in red ink and different
from others; every third quire also signed with red crayon in arabic
numerals in the center lower margin of the first leaf recto: "2" for
quire 4 (f. 19), "3" for quire 7 (f. 43); "4," barely visible, for
quire 10 (f. 65), "5," in a later hand, for quire 13 (f. 89), "6," in
a later hand, for quire 16 (f. 113).</signatures>

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