<docAuthor> (document author) contains the name of the author of the document, as given on the title page (often but not always contained in a byline). [4.6. Title Pages]
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The document author's name often occurs within a byline, but the docAuthor element may be used whether the <byline> element is used or not. It should be used only for the author(s) of the entire document, not for author(s) of any subset or part of it. (Attributions of authorship of a subset or part of the document, for example of a chapter in a textbook or an article in a newspaper, may be encoded with <byline> without docAuthor.)

  <titlePart>Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World, in Four
 <byline> By <docAuthor>Lemuel Gulliver</docAuthor>, First a Surgeon,
   and then a Captain of several Ships</byline>
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