<noteGrp> (note group) contains a group of notes [ Encoding Grouped Notes]
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In the following example, there are two notes in different languages, each specifying the content of the annotation relating to the same fragment of text:

<p>(...) tamen reuerendos dominos archiepiscopum et canonicos Leopolienses
necnon episcopum in duplicibus Quatuortemporibus
  <note xml:lang="en">Quatuor Tempora, so called dry fast days (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday)
     falling on each of the quarters of the year. In the first quarter they were called Cinerum
     (following Ash Wednesday), second Spiritus (following Pentecost), third Crucis
     (after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, September 14th), and Luciae
     in the fourth (after the feast of St. Lucia, December 13th).
  <note xml:lang="pl">Quatuor Tempora, tzw. Suche dni postne (środa, piątek i sobota)
     przypadające cztery razy w roku. W pierwszym kwartale zwały się Cinerum
     (po Popielcu), w drugim Spiritus (po Zielonych Świętach), w trzecim Crucis
     (po święcie Podwyższenia Krzyża 14 września), w czwartym Luciae
     (po dniu św. Łucji 13 grudnia).
totaliter expediui.
Content model
  <elementRef key="descminOccurs="0"

  <alternate minOccurs="1"

   <elementRef key="note"/>
   <elementRef key="noteGrp"/>
Schema Declaration
element noteGrp
   ( tei_desc*, ( tei_note | tei_noteGrp )+ )