<rubric> (rubric) contains the text of any rubric or heading attached to a particular manuscript item, that is, a string of words through which a manuscript or other object signals the beginning of a text division, often with an assertion as to its author and title, which is in some way set off from the text itself, typically in red ink, or by use of different size or type of script, or some other such visual device. [10.6.1. The msItem and msItemStruct Elements]
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Member of
Contained by
msdescription: msItem msItemStruct
May contain
<rubric>Nu koma Skyckiu Rym<ex>ur</ex>.</rubric>
<rubric>Incipit liber de consciencia humana a beatissimo Bernardo editus.</rubric>
 <locus>16. f. 28v in margin: </locus>Dicta Cassiodori
Content model
 <macroRef key="macro.phraseSeq"/>
Schema Declaration
element rubric