<ellipsis> (deliberately marked omission) indicates a purposeful marking in the source document signalling that content has been omitted, and may also supply or describe the omitted content. [3.5.3. Additions, Deletions, and Omissions]
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core: desc

Unlike gap, which indicates content that the encoder cannot or chooses not to represent, ellipsis indicates a passage explicitly signalled in the source document as absent. The ellipsis element is not appropriate for every use of ellipsis points, such as when they indicate that a speaker is pausing.

 <l>What projects men make—what queer turns they take,</l>
 <l>Since <emph>steam</emph> has improved our condition;</l>
 <l>They never are still, but must cure or must kill</l>
 <l>With steam physic or steam ammunition.</l>
 <l>But a short time ago, to a quack you would go,</l>
 <l>To steam a fat man to a thinner;</l>
 <l>Now changed from all that, if you wish to get <emph>fat</emph>,</l>
 <l>Come to Barton’s and eat a <emph>steam dinner!</emph>
 <l>Oh dear! think of a scheme, odd though it seem—</l>
 <l>I’m sure ’twill succeed if you make it by steam.</l>
 <l>You may sleep, you may dream, you may travel by steam,</l>
 <l>For the outcry is still to go faster;</l>
 <l>And what does it reck, should you e’en break your neck,</l>
 <l>If ’tis <emph>steam</emph> that brings on the disaster?</l>
 <ellipsis resp="#ChambersEdnbrghJrnl1880">
  <metamark function="multilineEllipsis"> * * * * </metamark>
  <desc resp="#teiProjectEditor2021">The printer omits four lines here,
     skipping the second half of the second octave, before the refrain.</desc>
 <l>Oh dear! think of a scheme, odd though it seem—</l>
 <l>I’m sure ’twill succeed if you make it by steam.</l>
 <l>You think you’ve lost your love </l>
 <l>Well, I saw her yesterday </l>
 <l>It’s you she's thinking of </l>
 <l>And she told me what to say</l>
<lg xml:id="chorus">
 <l>She says she loves you </l>
 <l>And you know that can’t be bad </l>
 <l>Yes, she loves you </l>
 <l>And you know you should be glad</l>
 <l>She said you hurt her so </l>
 <l>She almost lost her mind </l>
 <l>But now she said she knows </l>
 <l>You’re not the hurting kind</l>
 <supplied copyOf="#chorus"/>
Content model
  <elementRef key="metamark"/>
  <classRef key="model.descLike"

  <elementRef key="suppliedminOccurs="0"

Schema Declaration
element ellipsis
   ( tei_metamark, tei_model.descLike?, tei_supplied? )