<additions> (additions) contains a description of any significant additions found within a manuscript or other object, such as marginalia or other annotations. [10.7.2. Writing, Decoration, and Other Notations]
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 <p>There are several marginalia in this manuscript. Some consist of
   single characters and others are figurative. On 8v is to be found a drawing of
   a mans head wearing a hat. At times sentences occurs: On 5v:
 <q xml:lang="is">Her er skrif andres isslendin</q>,
   on 19r: <q xml:lang="is">þeim go</q>,
   on 21r: <q xml:lang="is">amen med aund ok munn halla rei knar hofud summu all huad
     batar þad mælgi ok mal</q>,
   On 21v: some runic letters and the sentence <q xml:lang="la">aue maria gracia plena dominus</q>.</p>
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 <macroRef key="macro.specialPara"/>
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element additions { tei_att.global.attributes, tei_macro.specialPara }