<desc> (description) contains a short description of the purpose, function, or use of its parent element, or when the parent is a documentation element, describes or defines the object being documented. [22.4.1. Description of Components]
typecharacterizes the element in some sense, using any convenient classification scheme or typology.
Derived fromatt.typed
Status Optional
Datatype teidata.enumerated
Suggested values include:
(deprecation information) This element describes why or how its parent element is being deprecated, typically including recommendations for alternate encoding.
<dataSpec module="tei"

 <desc type="deprecationInfo"
Several standards bodies, including NIST in the USA,
   strongly recommend against ending the representation of a number
   with a decimal point. So instead of <q>3.</q> use either <q>3</q>
   or <q>3.0</q>.</desc>
<!-- ... -->
Member of
Contained by
May contain

When used in a specification element such as <elementSpec>, TEI convention requires that this be expressed as a finite clause, begining with an active verb.


Example of a desc element inside a documentation element.

<dataSpec module="tei"

 <desc versionDate="2010-10-17"
defines the data type used to express a point in cartesian space.</desc>
  <dataRef name="token"

<!-- ... -->

Example of a desc element in a non-documentation element.

<place xml:id="KERG2">
 <placeName>Kerguelen Islands</placeName>
<!-- ... -->
  <desc>antarctic tundra</desc>
<!-- ... -->
SchematronA desc with a type of deprecationInfo should only occur when its parent element is being deprecated. Furthermore, it should always occur in an element that is being deprecated when desc is a valid child of that element.

<sch:rule context="tei:desc[ @type eq 'deprecationInfo']">
<sch:assert test="../@validUntil">Information about a
deprecation should only be present in a specification element
that is being deprecated: that is, only an element that has a
@validUntil attribute should have a child <desc
Content model
 <macroRef key="macro.limitedContent"/>
Schema Declaration
element desc
   attribute type { "deprecationInfo" | teidata.enumerated }?,