<listObject> (list of objects) contains a list of descriptions, each of which provides information about an identifiable physical object. [13.3.5. Objects]
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The type attribute may be used to distinguish different types of objects.

 <object xml:id="AlfredJewel">
   <country>United Kingdom</country>
   <institution>University of Oxford</institution>
   <repository>Ashmolean Museum</repository>
   <collection>English Treasures</collection>
   <idno type="ashmolean">AN1836p.135.371</idno>
   <idno type="wikipedia">https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_Jewel</idno>
   <objectName>Alfred Jewel</objectName>
   <p> The Alfred Jewel is about 6.4 cm in length and is made of combination of filigreed <material>gold</material>
       surrounding a polished teardrop shaped piece of transparent <material>quartz</material>. Underneath the rock crystal
       is a cloisonné enamel image of a man with ecclesiastical symbols. The sides of the jewel holding the crystal in
       place contain an openwork inscription saying "AELFRED MEC HEHT GEWYRCAN", meaning 'Alfred ordered me made'. </p>
   <origin>It is generally accepted that the Alfred Jewel dates from the <origDate>late 9th Century</origDate> and was
       most likely made in <origPlace>England</origPlace>. </origin>
   <provenance when="1693">The jewel was discovered in 1693 at Petherton Park, North Petherton in the English county of
       Somerset, on land owned by Sir Thomas Wroth. North Petherton is about 8 miles away from Athelney, where King Alfred
       founded a monastery. </provenance>
   <provenance when="1698">A description of the Alfred Jewel was first published in 1698, in the Philosophical
       Transactions of the Royal Society.</provenance>
   <acquisition> It was bequeathed to Oxford University by Colonel Nathaniel Palmer (c. 1661-1718) and today is in the
       Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. </acquisition>
Content model
  <classRef key="model.headLike"

  <elementRef key="descminOccurs="0"

  <alternate minOccurs="0"

   <elementRef key="relationminOccurs="1"

   <elementRef key="listRelation"

  <sequence minOccurs="1"

   <classRef key="model.objectLike"

   <alternate minOccurs="0"

    <elementRef key="relation"

    <elementRef key="listRelation"

Schema Declaration
element listObject
      ( tei_relation | tei_listRelation )*,
      ( tei_model.objectLike+, ( tei_relation | tei_listRelation )* )+