<docEdition> (document edition) contains an edition statement as presented on a title page of a document. [4.6. Title Pages]
Attributesatt.global (@xml:id, @n, @xml:lang, @xml:base, @xml:space) (att.global.rendition (@rend, @style, @rendition)) (att.global.linking (@corresp, @synch, @sameAs, @copyOf, @next, @prev, @exclude, @select)) (att.global.analytic (@ana)) (att.global.facs (@facs)) (att.global.change (@change)) (att.global.responsibility (@cert, @resp)) (att.global.source (@source))
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msdescription: msItem
textcrit: lem rdg
textstructure: back front
May contain

Cf. the edition element of bibliographic citation. As usual, the shorter name has been given to the more frequent element.

<docEdition>The Third edition Corrected</docEdition>
Content model
 <macroRef key="macro.paraContent"/>
Schema Declaration
element docEdition { tei_att.global.attributes, tei_macro.paraContent }