<addrLine> (address line) contains one line of a postal address. [3.6.2. Addresses 2.2.4. Publication, Distribution, Licensing, etc. Imprint, Size of a Document, and Reprint Information]
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Contained by
core: address
May contain

Addresses may be encoded either as a sequence of lines, or using any sequence of component elements from the model.addrPart class. Other non-postal forms of address, such as telephone numbers or email, should not be included within an address element directly but may be wrapped within an addrLine if they form part of the printed address in some source text.

 <addrLine>Computing Center, MC 135</addrLine>
 <addrLine>P.O. Box 6998</addrLine>
 <addrLine>Chicago, IL</addrLine>
 <addrLine>60680 USA</addrLine>
 <ref target="tel:+1-201-555-0123">(201) 555 0123</ref>
Content model
 <macroRef key="macro.phraseSeq"/>
Schema Declaration
element addrLine { tei_att.global.attributes, tei_macro.phraseSeq }