<extent> (extent) describes the approximate size of a text stored on some carrier medium or of some other object, digital or non-digital, specified in any convenient units. [2.2.3. Type and Extent of File 2.2. The File Description Imprint, Size of a Document, and Reprint Information 10.7.1. Object Description]
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Member of
Contained by
core: bibl monogr
msdescription: supportDesc
May contain
<extent>3200 sentences</extent>
<extent>between 10 and 20 Mb</extent>
<extent>ten 3.5 inch high density diskettes</extent>

The measure element may be used to supply normalized or machine tractable versions of the size or sizes concerned.

 <measure unit="MiBquantity="4.2">About four megabytes</measure>
 <measure unit="pagesquantity="245">245 pages of source
Content model
 <macroRef key="macro.phraseSeq"/>
Schema Declaration
element extent { tei_att.global.attributes, tei_macro.phraseSeq }