List of All Transcription Guidelines


This index to the EpiDoc Guidelines groups together links to all the sections that provide guidance and examples for marking up aspects of text itself (as opposed to the materiality and history of the objects upon which they appear, for which see the List of All Supporting Data Guidelines). These sections address not only transcription in the technical sense of reporting readings and representing the writing system(s), but also the form, appearance, and layout of the text and its characters, as well as other editorial interventions in the text such as supplementation, regularization, and identification of numerals and the like.

A note on Diplomatic Transcription.

A note on whitespace handling.

Responsibility for this section

  1. Gabriel Bodard, Author
  2. Charlotte Tupman, Author
  3. Tom Elliott, Author

EpiDoc version: 9.4

Date: 2022-10-07