Characters highlighted or set apart in some way


There are many common ways in which letters are set apart from surrounding text in inscriptions and papyri: characters may be larger, smaller, in different color ink, differently styled letters, serifed or decorated in various ways. EpiDoc defines a few common types of such highlighting, but the hi element may be used for arbitrarily highlighted characters.

Highlighted characters or words should be tagged using the hi element, with a rend attribute specifying the kind of highlighting. For the most common values of rend, see the separate sections listed below. If none of these values apply to the case you are marking up, new values of rend may be coined for this purpose. Note that the EpiDoc example stylesheets will most likely not handle these "unbound" variants of hi.

See also separate sections on:

No example rendering in standard epigraphic conventions.

<hi rend="red">πρεσβύτης</hi>
<hi rend="italic">legi</hi>

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