Appendix: Aligning EpiDoc with Krummrey-Panciera 1980


The diacritical signs as enumerated in Krummrey Panciera 1980, with links to EpiDoc guidance for encoding each semantic distinction expressed thereby in TEI XML.

I. Praemonenda

1. (print diplomatic transcription if no photograph available)
Not applicable. A single EpIDoc-encoded edition can be used to generate both interpretive and diplomatic views via different stylesheet transformations. (No reference to diplomatic transcription in Gudielines?)
2. (close square brackets at beginning and end of lines, unless in linear presentation)
Same recommendation applies to supplied elements in EpiDoc. (Not in Guidelines?)
3. (don't use italics or underline for notes in text)
Not applicable.
4. (don't add spacing between or around diacritical signs when within a word)
Same recommendation applies to EpiDoc. (Not in Guidelines?)
5. (not all combinations of diacritical notes have been given; just nest them)
Same applies to EpiDoc, but no specific guidance required.

II. Versuum paginarumque diuisio

1. abc /5 abc
Lines and line breaks
2. abc // abc
Columns, fragments, sections, pages and other breaks

IV. Litterarum formae notabiliores

1. á, é, í, ó, ú
2. abc, V
Supralinear line, etc.
3, ((y)), ((bs)), ((ps)), ((v))
Claudian letters
4. a͡b, a͡bc

V. Litterae erasae

1. 〚abc〛 aut 〚ABC〛 aut 〚ạḅc̣〛
Erased but legible text
2. 〚[abc]〛
Erased and illegible but restored
3. 〚[...]〛aut 〚[c. 5 ]〛 aut 〚[- - -]〛
Erased and lost

VI. Literae in litura scriptae

1. «abc» aut «ABC» aut «ạḅc̣»
Text struck over erasure and Erased but legible text
2. «[abc]»
Text struck over erasure and Erased and illegible but restored
3. «[...]»aut «[c. 5 ]» aut «[- - -]»
Text struck over erasure and Erased and lost

VII. Additamenta antiqua

1. `abc´
Text added by ancient hand

IX. Litterae ab editore expunctae adiectae correctae

1. {abc}
Superfluous characters
2. <abc>
Supplement of omitted characters
3. ⸢abc⸣
Erroneous substitution

X. Verba breviata notae verba subaudita inscriptiones non finitae

1. a(bc)
Abbreviation fully expanded
2. a(- - -)
Abbreviation not expanded at all
3. (abc)
Expansion of symbol to word
4. (scil. abc)
Editor makes subaudible word manifest
5. (- - -)
Text not completed (omission not restored)

XI. Aliae notae editoris

1. (!)
Editor's note
2. vac.3 aut vac.c.3 aut vac.
vacat measured in characters (horizontal space)
3. vac.?
Possible vacat
4. ... , [...]
Words omitted by editor

Responsibility for this section

  1. Gabriel Bodard, author
  2. Hugh Cayless, help deciphering Hans Krummrey's Latin

EpiDoc version: 9.5

Date: 2023-04-26