model.common groups common chunk- and inter-level elements. [1.3. The TEI Class System]
Used by
Membersmodel.divPart [model.divPart.spoken [annotationBlock] model.lLike [l] model.pLike [ab p] lg sp] model.entryLike model.inter [model.attributable [model.quoteLike [cit quote] floatingText said] model.biblLike [bibl biblFull biblStruct listBibl msDesc] model.egLike model.labelLike [desc label] model.listLike [list listApp listEvent listNym listObject listOrg listPerson listPlace listRelation table] model.oddDecl model.stageLike [stage] ] q

This class defines the set of chunk- and inter-level elements; it is used in many content models, including those for textual divisions.