External Vocabularies (non TEI)


Controlled Vocabularies and Authority Lists available online, or maintained in a non-TEI environment.

If you want to link to a specific definition of an information as a reference, you might want to point to external vocabularies, contribute in those with new terms and align where possible. In your Epidoc file you can insert references to these Authority Lists or Controlled Vocabularies.

The easiest way to do this is by inserting a stable uri into the element with a ref as in the following example.

<objectType ref="http://www.eagle-network.eu/voc/objtyp/lod/29">Altar</objectType>

The information contained in the TEI header which contains the type of monument on which the inscription is written. The uri in the ref points to an external vocabulary, which in this case is a vocabulary developed by the EAGLE consortium.

These are the elements in which you might like to refer to an external source of information to align you definition.

For each of these there might be many external vocabularies, which are listed below each one.

To link to the EAGLE Vocabularies, you can browse them on Tematres and then insert the uri which is built in the following form: http://www.eagle-network.eu/voc/objtyp/lod/63

If you already have XML files in EpiDoc and want to insert the links, you might find useful the XSLT (still under development) used by the Epigraphic Database Heidelberg, which you can find here

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