Description and layout of text field or campus


Information about the layout and placement of the text on the object is encoded within a layoutDesc element in the manuscript description area.

Relevant element documentation:

Description of the text field(s) or campus of an inscription or text may include features such as the shape and dimensions of the text area, its placement on one or more face or in columns, direction and orientation of text (although cf. Direction of Text), the presence of margins, mouldings, or guide-lines, the relationship of each text to any decoration or other physical feature of the object (a text laid out in the four corners of a cross, for example) or the relationship of multiple texts to one another.

For the sake of compatibility with the EAGLE databases, some projects have tagged the form of execution of the text (incised, scratched, stamped, etc.) with an rs with type of "execution". (See further the authority list: Sciptura [Google Spreadsheet] for suggested typology.)

See also Dimensions for more information on tagging object, campus or letter dimensions.

 <rs type="executionkey="scalpro">Inscribed</rs> on the façade above the door
within a panel (<dimensions>
  <width unit="metre">0.65</width>
  <height unit="metre">0.34</height>
<layout> i. Between the arms of the cross. ii. Above the cross. iii. Below the cross.

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