att.spanning provides attributes for elements which delimit a span of text by pointing mechanisms rather than by enclosing it. [ Additions and Deletions 1.3.1. Attribute Classes]
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spanToindicates the end of a span initiated by the element bearing this attribute.
Status Optional
Datatype teidata.pointer
SchematronThe @spanTo attribute must point to an element following the current element

<sch:rule context="tei:*[@spanTo]">
<sch:assert test="id(substring(@spanTo,2)) and following::*[@xml:id=substring(current()/@spanTo,2)]">The element indicated by @spanTo (<sch:value-of select="@spanTo"/>) must follow the current element <sch:name/>

The span is defined as running in document order from the start of the content of the pointing element to the end of the content of the element pointed to by the spanTo attribute (if any). If no value is supplied for the attribute, the assumption is that the span is coextensive with the pointing element. If no content is present, the assumption is that the starting point of the span is immediately following the element itself.