att.naming provides attributes common to elements which refer to named persons, places, organizations etc. [3.6.1. Referring Strings 13.3.6. Names and Nyms]
Membersatt.personal [addName forename genName name objectName orgName persName placeName roleName surname] author birth bloc collection country death district editor event geogFeat geogName institution offset origPlace pubPlace region repository rs settlement state
Attributesatt.canonical (@key, @ref)
rolemay be used to specify further information about the entity referenced by this name in the form of a set of whitespace-separated values, for example the occupation of a person, or the status of a place.
Status Optional
Datatype 1–∞ occurrences of teidata.enumerated separated by whitespace
nymRef(reference to the canonical name) provides a means of locating the canonical form (nym) of the names associated with the object named by the element bearing it.
Status Optional
Datatype 1–∞ occurrences of teidata.pointer separated by whitespace

The value must point directly to one or more XML elements by means of one or more URIs, separated by whitespace. If more than one is supplied, the implication is that the name is associated with several distinct canonical names.