<teiCorpus> (TEI corpus) contains the whole of a TEI encoded corpus, comprising a single corpus header and one or more TEI elements, each containing a single text header and a text. [4. Default Text Structure 15.1. Varieties of Composite Text]
Attributesatt.global (@xml:id, @n, @xml:lang, @xml:base, @xml:space) (att.global.rendition (@rend, @style, @rendition)) (att.global.linking (@corresp, @synch, @sameAs, @copyOf, @next, @prev, @exclude, @select)) (att.global.analytic (@ana)) (att.global.facs (@facs)) (att.global.change (@change)) (att.global.responsibility (@cert, @resp)) (att.global.source (@source)) att.typed (@type, @subtype)
version(version) specifies the version number of the TEI Guidelines against which this document is valid.
Status Optional
Datatype teidata.version

Major editions of the Guidelines have long been informally referred to by a name made up of the letter P (for Proposal) followed by a digit. The current release is one of the many releases of the fifth major edition of the Guidelines, known as P5. This attribute may be used to associate a TEI document with a specific release of the P5 Guidelines, in the absence of a more precise association provided by the source attribute on the associated <schemaSpec>.

Member of
Contained by
core: teiCorpus
May contain
core: teiCorpus
header: teiHeader
linking: standOff
textstructure: TEI text

Should contain one TEI header for the corpus, and a series of TEI elements, one for each text.

<teiCorpus version="3.3.0" xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0">
<!-- header for corpus -->
<!-- header for first text -->
<!-- content of first text -->
<!-- header for second text -->
<!-- content of second text -->
<!-- more TEI elements here -->
Content model
  <elementRef key="teiHeader"/>
  <classRef key="model.resource"

  <classRef key="model.describedResource"

Schema Declaration
element teiCorpus
   attribute version { teidata.version }?,
   ( tei_teiHeader, tei_model.resource*, tei_model.describedResource+ )