<keywords> (keywords) contains a list of keywords or phrases identifying the topic or nature of a text. [2.4.3. The Text Classification]
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schemeidentifies the controlled vocabulary within which the set of keywords concerned is defined, for example by a taxonomy element, or by some other resource.
Status Optional
Datatype teidata.pointer
Contained by
header: textClass
May contain
core: list term

Each individual keyword (including compound subject headings) should be supplied as a term element directly within the keywords element. An alternative usage, in which each term appears within an item inside a list is permitted for backwards compatibility, but is deprecated.

If no control list exists for the keywords used, then no value should be supplied for the scheme attribute.

<keywords scheme="http://classificationweb.net">
 <term>Babbage, Charles</term>
 <term>Mathematicians - Great Britain - Biography</term>
 <term>Fermented beverages</term>
 <term>Central Andes</term>
 <term>Schinus molle</term>
 <term>Molle beer</term>
 <term>Indigenous peoples</term>
Content model
  <elementRef key="termminOccurs="1"

  <elementRef key="list"/>
Schema Declaration
element keywords
   attribute scheme { teidata.pointer }?,
   ( tei_term+ | tei_list )