<bindingDesc> (binding description) describes the present and former bindings of a manuscript or other object, either as a series of paragraphs or as a series of distinct binding elements, one for each binding of the manuscript. [ Binding Descriptions]
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 <p>Sewing not visible; tightly rebound over
   19th-cent. pasteboards, reusing panels of 16th-cent. brown leather with
   gilt tooling à la fanfare, Paris c. 1580-90, the centre of each
   cover inlaid with a 17th-cent. oval medallion of red morocco tooled in
   gilt (perhaps replacing the identifying mark of a previous owner); the
   spine similarly tooled, without raised bands or title-piece; coloured
   endbands; the edges of the leaves and boards gilt.Boxed.</p>
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Schema Declaration
element bindingDesc
   ( ( tei_model.pLike | tei_decoNote | tei_condition )+ | tei_binding+ )