<binding> (binding) contains a description of one binding, i.e. type of covering, boards, etc. applied to a manuscript or other object. [ Binding Descriptions]
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contemporary(contemporary) specifies whether or not the binding is contemporary with the majority of its contents
Status Optional
Datatype teidata.xTruthValue

The value true indicates that the binding is contemporaneous with its contents; the value false that it is not. The value unknown should be used when the date of either binding or manuscript is unknown

Contained by
msdescription: bindingDesc
May contain
core: p
linking: ab
msdescription: condition decoNote
<binding contemporary="true">
 <p>Contemporary blind stamped leather over wooden boards with evidence of a fore edge clasp
   closing to the back cover.</p>
 <binding contemporary="false">
  <p>Quarter bound by the Phillipps' binder, Bretherton, with his sticker on the front
 <binding contemporary="false">
  <p>Rebound by an unknown 19th c. company; edges cropped and gilt.</p>
Content model
 <alternate minOccurs="1"

  <classRef key="model.pLike"/>
  <elementRef key="condition"/>
  <elementRef key="decoNote"/>
Schema Declaration
element binding
   attribute contemporary { teidata.xTruthValue }?,
   ( tei_model.pLike | tei_condition | tei_decoNote )+