Appendix: Aligning EpiDoc with ORACC


DescriptionConventional displayATFEpiDoc page(s)
Correction of signAB!AB!Correction (without specification)
Correction of sign (original shown)AB!(BA)AB!(BA)Erroneous substitution
Damage to signbi-it-subi-it#-su#Ambiguous characters (Leiden underdot)
Unknown number of characters lost[...][...]Lost characters, quantity unknown
One character lost[x][x]Lost characters, quantity known
Six characters lost[x x x x x x][x x x x x x]Lost characters, quantity known
Three to six characters lost[x x x (x x x)][x x x (x x x)](tba)
Restored lost characters[AB][AB]Editorial restoration
Uncertainly restored lost characters[AB?][AB?]Editorial restoration, uncertain
Restoration of accidental omission<ab><ab>Supplement of omitted characters
Restoration of intentional omissionbi-it-<(su)>bi-it-<(su)>Abbreviation fully expanded
Characters rejected by editor<<ab>><<ab>>Superfluous characters
Unclear signxxIllegible characters, quantity known
Clear but uninterpreted signAB$ABUninterpreted characters (Leiden uppercase)
Ligature or compound graphemea+naa+naLigatures

Cf. also Steve Tinney and Eleanor Robson, ATF Quick Reference, Oracc: The Open Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus, Oracc, 2014.

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Date: 2022-10-07