Appendix: Aligning EpiDoc with Mycenaean usage (Wingspread Conventions)


DescriptionWingspreadDAMOSEpiDoc encodingDAMOS exampleEpiDoc Guidelines
Characters and glyphs
syllabogram (in a syllabic word)pa- or -ro2pa- or -ro2pa-
4327 (PY An(6) 35); 4471; 4626Clear text
syllabic wordda-mo-deda-mo-de<w xml:id="">da-mo-de</w>4579Words and lemmata
logogramOLEOLE<w type="logogram" xml:id="">OLE</w>4560Not yet covered.
syllabogram used as logogram (i.e. adjectival logogram)PAPA<w type="syllabogram-as-logogram" xml:id="">PA</w>4960Not yet covered.
Monogram (i.e. ligatured syllabograms used as logogram)MERIME±RI<w type="monogram" xml:id="">ME±RI</w>2Not covered.
Ligatured logogramsTELA+POTELA+PO<w type="ligature" xml:id="">TELA+PO</w>681cf. Ligatured Letters
MetrogramSS<w type="metrogram" xml:id="">S</w>4214Not yet covered.
Arithmogram11<num xml:id="">1</num>4170Numbers/Numerals Of Known Value
Syllabogram as abbreviationoo<w xml:id=""><abbr>o</abbr></w>380Abbreviation not Expanded at All
Word divider,,<pc xml:id=""><g ref="#word-divider"/></pc>4421cf. Symbol: interpuncts
Dividing line::<pc xml:id=""><g ref="#dividing-line"/></pc>5096cf. Symbol: interpuncts
Uninterpreted glyph (syllabogram)*47*47<w><g ref="#s47"/></w>5034Cf. Symbol (non meaning-bearing)
Uninterpreted glyph (logogram)*123*123<g ref="#l123"/>4364Cf. Symbol (non meaning-bearing)
Uninterpreted glyph (vase logogram)*155VAS*155VAS<g ref="#l155vas"/></w>4976Cf. Symbol (non meaning-bearing)
Gender specifierm or f:m or :f<m type="specifier">m</m>4374Not covered.
Other specifier1;1<m type="specifier">1</m>469Not covered.
Editorial interventions and observations
Restorations[pa] or [pa-][pa] or [pa-]<supplied reason="lost">pa</supplied> or <supplied reason="lost">pa-</supplied>2216Editorial restoration
Characters restored tentatively[pa?] or [?pa][pa?] or [?pa]<supplied reason="lost" cert="low">pa</supplied>4401Editorial restoration, tentative
Syllabic word incomplete]-pa or pa-[]-pa or pa-[<w part="I">pa-</w><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/> or <gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/><w part="F">-pa</w>4338Word incompletely restored
Syllabic word possibly incomplete]ko-wa or ko-wa[]ko-wa or ko-wa[<gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/><w part="F">ko-wa</w> or <w part="F">ko-wa</w><gap reason="lost" extent="unknown" unit="character"/>2154, 4254
to be added

Note: for the purposes of the DAMOS database, all words and other units of text should be identified with a unique xml:id (which will be assigned by DAMOS). This may not be required for other Mycenaean EpiDoc projects.

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Date: 2024-03-20