<typeDesc> (typeface description) contains a description of the typefaces or other aspects of the printing of an incunable or other printed source. [ Writing]
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msdescription: summary typeNote
 <p>Uses an unidentified black letter font, probably from the
   15th century</p>
 <summary>Contains a mixture of blackletter and Roman (antiqua) typefaces</summary>
 <typeNote xml:id="Frak1">Blackletter face, showing
   similarities to those produced in Wuerzburg after 1470.</typeNote>
 <typeNote xml:id="Rom1">Roman face of Venetian origins.</typeNote>
Content model
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   <elementRef key="typeNoteminOccurs="1"

Schema Declaration
element typeDesc
   ( tei_model.pLike+ | ( tei_summary?, tei_typeNote+ ) )