<handDesc> (description of hands) contains a description of all the different hands used in a manuscript or other object. [10.7.2. Writing, Decoration, and Other Notations]
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hands(hands) specifies the number of distinct hands identified within the manuscript
Status Optional
Datatype teidata.count
Member of
Contained by
msdescription: physDesc
May contain
core: p
header: handNote
linking: ab
msdescription: summary
 <handNote scope="major">Written throughout in <term>angelicana formata</term>.</handNote>
<handDesc hands="2">
 <p>The manuscript is written in two contemporary hands, otherwise
   unknown, but clearly those of practised scribes. Hand I writes
   ff. 1r-22v and hand II ff. 23 and 24. Some scholars, notably
   Verner Dahlerup and Hreinn Benediktsson, have argued for a third hand
   on f. 24, but the evidence for this is insubstantial.</p>
Content model
  <classRef key="model.pLikeminOccurs="1"

   <elementRef key="summaryminOccurs="0"/>
   <elementRef key="handNoteminOccurs="1"

Schema Declaration
element handDesc
   attribute hands { teidata.count }?,
   ( tei_model.pLike+ | ( tei_summary?, tei_handNote+ ) )