<classDecl> (classification declarations) contains one or more taxonomies defining any classificatory codes used elsewhere in the text. [2.3.7. The Classification Declaration 2.3. The Encoding Description]
Attributesatt.global (@xml:id, @n, @xml:lang, @xml:base, @xml:space) (att.global.rendition (@rend, @style, @rendition)) (att.global.linking (@corresp, @synch, @sameAs, @copyOf, @next, @prev, @exclude, @select)) (att.global.analytic (@ana)) (att.global.facs (@facs)) (att.global.change (@change)) (att.global.responsibility (@cert, @resp)) (att.global.source (@source))
Member of
Contained by
header: encodingDesc
May contain
header: taxonomy
 <taxonomy xml:id="LCSH">
  <bibl>Library of Congress Subject Headings</bibl>
<!-- ... -->
 <keywords scheme="#LCSH">
  <term>Political science</term>
  <term>United States -- Politics and government —
     Revolution, 1775-1783</term>
Content model
 <elementRef key="taxonomyminOccurs="1"

Schema Declaration
element classDecl { tei_att.global.attributes, tei_taxonomy+ }