<additional> (additional) groups additional information, combining bibliographic information about a manuscript or other object, or surrogate copies of it, with curatorial or administrative information. [10.9. Additional Information]
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Contained by
msdescription: msDesc msFrag msPart
namesdates: object
May contain
core: listBibl
msdescription: adminInfo surrogates
<!-- record history here -->
<!-- custodial history here -->
<!-- information about surrogates here -->
<!-- ... -->
<!-- full bibliography here -->
Content model
  <elementRef key="adminInfominOccurs="0"/>
  <elementRef key="surrogates"

  <elementRef key="listBiblminOccurs="0"/>
Schema Declaration
element additional
   ( tei_adminInfo?, tei_surrogates?, tei_listBibl? )